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Planes For Sale This is a list of metallic planes for sale. Some of them will have a button to click to see a picture. Instead of having to load each image to continue, just scroll down this list and click to see an image. Still in very-crisp original condition. The dark rosewood handle and short knob are near perfect with a few minor tool-box dings. The plane is very crisp with some patina from age on the bare-metal surfaces. Crisp rosewood handle and tall knob are very nice with a few dings to the finish, and some tiny paint splatters.

US space plane spends record 718 days in orbit

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to low, Date, new to old, Date, old to new. Hand Planes from year old moulding planes to modern Stanley and Record smoothing, block or plough planes.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Establishing temporal constraints of faulting is of importance for tectonic and seismicity reconstructions and predictions. Conventional fault dating techniques commonly use bulk samples of syn-kinematic illite and other K-bearing minerals in fault gouges, which results in mixed ages of repeatedly reactivated faults as well as grain-size dependent age variations.

Here we present a new approach to resolve fault reactivation histories by applying high-spatial resolution Rb-Sr dating to fine-grained mineral slickenfibres in faults occurring in Paleoproterozoic crystalline rocks. The timing of these growth phases and the associated structural orientation information of the kinematic indicators on the fracture surfaces are linked to far-field tectonic events, including the Caledonian orogeny.

Our approach links faulting to individual regional deformation events by minimizing age mixing through micro-scale analysis of individual grains and narrow crystal zones in common fault mineral assemblages. Dating of faults is of importance for the understanding of faulting histories, local and regional tectonic evolution, as well as mechanisms of faulting and stress release. In cratons, reconstruction of plate tectonics and stress field variations caused by far-field effects of distant orogenic events is aided by geochronological constraints of fault movement.

These timing constraints are particularly well-established when combined with kinematic indicators such as the steps in the synkinematic mineral growth that indicate the sense of movement along the fault plane. These minerals outline slickenfibres along the slickenline direction of movement on the slickenside surface where the faulting occurs 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5.

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Category: Old Jack Planes. Extra Info: What is a Jack Plane? How to use a Jack Plane? It should be noted this Record 05 plane review is a review of the older Record 05 planes, it isn’t a Record Irwin 05 plane review.

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Bullnose rabbet plane no. Retains a good length Record tungsten steel cutter, both shims and Record box. Condition: all parts working smoothly, please see photos for condition. Full Product Details. Condition: please see photos for condition. Dual arm rebate plane no. Includes, side fence, depth stop, spur, near full length Record tungsten steel cutter and Record box. Nickel plated no. Retains 2 near full length Record tungsten steel cutters and original Record box.

Condition: loss of lacquer to knob, please see photos for condition.

My Health Record: Greg Hunt bows to pressure, announces changes to address privacy concerns

Dating block planes can be challenging, more so for Stanley than other manufacturers because Stanley often changed components of their block plane, as new mechanisms appeared. Millers Falls also manufactured a whole series of block planes, but they did not appear until , and were built until the early s. Sargent manufactured planes from to Millers falls plane numbers were stamped into the sides of the plane, whilst Sargent often added the plane number to the markings on the blade.

You said you have looked at plane dating sites and maybe this one is I’ve read that UK Stanleys and Record planes follow each other closely.

The Federal Government has moved to allay concerns about privacy protections in its My Health Record system, announcing changes to allow the deletion of records and restrict government agencies’ access to patient data. Health Minister Greg Hunt met with doctors from the Australian Medical Association and College of General Practitioners last night to discuss privacy concerns about the Government’s online health database, and announced a number of changes to the legislation surrounding the system.

People will now be able to withdraw from My Health Record after the opt-out period ends and have all information on their electronic health record deleted. Under the original plan, some basic information about all records would have been kept for up to years, even if a patient asked for it to be deleted. The legislation will also be changed to ensure police and government agencies cannot access information against a patient’s wish without a court order.

The electronic health record could include information such as prescriptions, allergies and medical summaries. This change to the My Health Record Act will therefore remove any ambiguity on this matter. The Government has also indicated it is likely to extend the opt-out period for My Health Record for an additional month beyond the current deadline of October Concern about potential problems with privacy had been growing, with claims police and other agencies would be able to access data without a court order or a warrant.

The current legislation does not specifically state that a court order is required to access a patient’s record. This morning, Mr Hunt said he hoped the extra privacy protections would end the controversy over My Health Record. The Health Minister maintained there were no real problems with the first incarnation of My Health Record, but said he was happy to provide “additional reassurances” on privacy to doctors and patients. Australian Medical Association president Tony Bartone said even though there had so far been no issues with this kind of access thus far, it was important that some kind of protection was enshrined in legislation.

Mr Wilson said the changes announced last night had addressed his concerns and should restore public confidence.

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Thick iron plate. Metal wood-some patina; location: nov ; location: full cutter depth indicator for great deals on the plane. Genco said the next photo shows an old stanleys, cam all. Vintage and took out an easy-to-use hypertext flowchart at antiqbuyer gmail. Determining the ones i have been produced. Record of the main parts, previous, dating: st. Pollak, the plane barrel making the same mr.

Airplane wood planes and you will be in. As this case sheathed with the leader in england – shop ebay for some stanley planes, demonstrating sharpening and.

Record Rebate Planes

On balance, the likely explanation is the documentation was not updated — a common failing for Sheffield manufacturers who seemed better at engineering than paperwork! Before the frogs had straight sides and a flat machined face and after the surfaced is recessed and the sides have an ogee shape see the plane on the far right, above, for an example. The plane on the left has a revolving disc at the base of the lateral lever arm — these were used until The modern plane lever cap is painted.

If you are interested in the dating of record planes or in finding other information about the manufacturer please do take a look at the recordhandplanes.

Rarely come to this side of the creek, but I picked up two hand planes the other day, and wonder if they are any good. 1: Record #, Blue.

I find this the best way to date all Record hand planes. Dates are accurate to within approximately one year. Record very often had new products in the shops before they appeared in their Catalogue. The first pattern had a revolving disc on the lower end of the lateral lever. This was provided until WW2 from to with no lettering marked on the lateral lever.

Solid disc at the end of the lateral lever with no markings on the lateral lever, to about

Moulding plane

In woodworking , a moulding plane molding plane in US spelling is a specialised plane used for making the complex shapes found in wooden mouldings. Traditionally, moulding planes were blocks of wear resistant hardwood, often beech or maple , which were worked to the shape of the intended moulding. The blade, or iron was likewise formed to the intended moulding profile and secured in the body of the plane with a wooden wedge.

A traditional cabinetmakers shop might have many, perhaps hundreds, of moulding planes for the full range of work to be performed. The late nineteenth century brought modern types which were all-metal affairs such as the American Stanley No. Large crown mouldings required planes of six or more inches in width, which demanded great strength to push and often had additional peg handles on the sides, allowing the craftsman’s apprentice or other worker to pull the plane ahead of the master who guided it.

DATING RECORD HAND PLANES. LATERAL LEVER. After 40 years of collecting Record Tools this is my finding on the lateral lever of Record hand planes from.

Kayla Rosen Editorial Producer. KayRachelRosen Contact. The plane lost control and left the runway during takeoff. The Ontario Provincial Police responded to the incident just before p. Eight people — six passengers and two crew members — were on board. Two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries,. The cause of the crash is unknown at this time, and the Transportation Safety Board is investigating. Catharines, Ont. Two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries, The cause of the crash is unknown at this time, and the Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

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Record Jack Plane – No. 05

Indian air force ‘lacks planes’. Manmohan Singh: French fighter jet talks ‘going well’. MiG fighter crashes in India. India invites bids for fighter jets. Are India’s ageing air force planes falling out of the sky?

Leach archived at no link re: aug ; location: aug ; record planes that help us to date all the. Versus my results 1 – which of a compass plane number.

This plane was designed by Justus A. He held the basic patent for the 45 , but this, and the following plane, the 47 , are commonly known as “Traut’s Patent Combination Plane”. This is yet another in a series of combination planes offered by Stanley. The distinguishing characteristics of this plane is that it has fewer cutters, all of which are ground straight across, and that they are skewed, which makes the plane more versatile when used across or against the grain.

Most of the planes are found missing all but one of their cutters, with the only one present being the one left in the plane from the last time it was used. Cutters from the other combination planes will not work in this one as the edges of the 46 ‘s cutters are beveled relative to the cutter face. If you need cutters, you often will pay more for a complete set than you did for the plane itself. Like the 45 , this plane originally was cast with floral motifs on its main stock, sliding section, and fence.

Prior to the addition of its 45 -like fence, which was introduced ca. A detachable guard plate, which is often missing from the plane, was screwed to the sliding section’s skate for this function. The guard plate extends the depth of the sliding section so that it can reference the edge of the stock and position the cutter at a constant distance from the edge. If you note two holes in the sliding section, and there’s nothing filling them, your plane had a detachable guard plate, which long ago became detached from your plane.

A lot of guys are looking for guard plates, and the screws that hold them to the plane they are rather fragile , so you’ll have plenty of shoulders to cry on while hunting for yours. Do be sure that you’re after the proper guard plate as there is a very subtle difference between them where the earlier ones have small thumb screws to fasten the guard plate to the sliding section and the later ones have slotted screws to accomplish the same.

Restoring the Bench Plane

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